We may not be a global brand yet, but we are known by Tropical Maniacs globally.....

It started out a little over 4 years ago on the heals of a surfers reunion in Matagorda. On a used sheet of paper I scribbled my thoughts... They were the words "Tropical Maniac". I wasn't a surfer, but it made it all make sense. Just as those guys were, I was crazy about the tropical lifestyle! It was like my cousin stated it long ago, when I questioned his cars dependability as he headed to the beach to surf. He said, "It doesn't have to get me all the way home as long, as it gets me there!"

Tropical Maniac founder James "Cinco" Davant, and his partner Renee.

I've since had that thought many times, as I've pulled my boat to the coast thinking; Will the bearings hold up on the trailer? Will the boat motor start? Will it get me to the fishing hole? It never stopped me from heading out as soon as I was able, thinking to myself..."l'll re-pack the bearings when I get back to the house. I think they will make this trip." 

Tropical Maniacs are "Crazy about the Tropical Lifestyle!"

Are you a Tropical Maniac?

As far back as I can remember I had a longing to embrace the Tropical Lifestyle. From the Hawaiian Shirts to the Vans footwear. My social life experiences have involved the coastal exposure. Although I was raised on a ranch, many of the places we ran cattle were coastal pastures. Some even involved swimming cattle to the grazing areas. I remember how it would drive me crazy working cows, wishing I was fishing.


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