Tropical Maniacs of Matagorda Foundation

Tropical Maniacs of Matagorda Volunteers Planting Palm Trees

Tropical Maniacs of Matagorda was founded for the purposes of beach and bay area beautification and conservation. We are a non-profit 501(C)3 organization. 

Being in business in Matagorda we hear feedback from the people who live here as well as ones that come down and visit. It is these comments that have compelled us to try to remedy some of these concerns.

Members & Volunteers Wanted

Any one who is interested in the beautification and conservation of our beaches and bay areas, are encouraged to join us. 

We are seeking volunteers for current and upcoming projects that we are working on, including our Palm Tree project at the entrace to Matagorda Beach. We have, in conjunction with the LCRA, planted and are caring for the palm trees that we have planted in the median of the Main Access road to the Matagorda Beach. Currently we are watering the trees about three times a week.

We also need volunteers for the beach clean ups that we do periodiocly as well as with the Texas Adopt a Beach Beach Clean ups.

Donations Accepted

We are accepting contributions to further our efforts to plant and care for additional palm trees and it is our goal to raise additional moneys for equipment to help in maintaining Matagorda Beach. The county Beach permits help but we would like to be able to go above and beyond what the county is able to do to make Matagorda Beach a Destination.

We will soon have a secure donation form on this Website, but until then donations can be made at the Tropical Maniac Shack in Matagorda and or Checks can be mailed to "Tropical Maniacs of Matagorda" PO Box 744 Matagorda TX 77457.

Upcoming Events

We will be having another social event in the Spring. We would like to help host a Music Festival in Matagorda to help raise additonal funding for more projects to help make Matagorda a destintation. As we grow our membership we will be able to grow our projects.  


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